Banjax motorcycles

I want to get my bike set up on a dyno and this is the only london dyno shop i can find, anyone had any experience with banjax motorcycles .

the bloke who had the bike i got now used em and the bike runs like a bag of nails. also has some1 else say they took the supermot thing there too and that is the same.

There is another dyno shop in e london somewhere will try and get addy for ya.

DynoSpeed Develpoment
Tel: 020 8500 5770

bit anout em:

Quoted by Forteh off old skool: A mate of mine took her ccm 644 to banjax for setup/tune, they made a complete fuckup of it and it ran like a bagoshite, she took it back and after much complaints and arguing they sorted it (almost, they damaged the subframe taking the carbs out - had to be repaired at the ccm factory).
Dont know if you know but banjax is irish (iirc) slang for a cockup Grin
Chances are they bodged yours aswell?

Cheers chaps,i think i will give them a miss then,dont want to ruin me pride and joy !!. At the moment im running a custom map my friend had done for his bike,exactly the same set up as mine ,but it dont feel right.

I had dealings with the owner Les Orris some years back. He was arrogant and very unhelpful at that time but i decided to give Banjax another try 2 weeks ago

I was assured that the electrical fault on my Monster was easily fixable. 3 days later i collected my beast and the same problem was happening. I called Les Orris and was told in no uncertain terms that i didnt know what i was talking about and that i would be ‘‘welcome’’ to try and get a refund for the work they didnt do.

As a female i felt very intimidated by Les Orris,s attitude and strong language and i am in contact with my local CAB and i have written directly to Ducati

I would advise anyone not to use the services of these basically incompetant idiots and i will do everything in my power to pass my message to other bikers

Banjax shouldnt be allowed to trade!!!

i took my gsxr 750 there some years ago, they spent 21 mins dynoing it, you can tell from the times at the bottom of the cart.

wasnt happy with it, fair play they did do it again bu i still was not happy with it…

i had in done again by PDQ in slough and the times were 2 and a half hours.

there one of the best in the uk

+1 on pdq in taplow.