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Any one on here a member of the Bandit Forum? Recently bought a 1250 and went to set up a user name etc but havent heard anything back for a over 2 weeks now, can see its still active but wanting to to sign up.

I was about 10 years ago. I didn’t get much out of it so stopped using it after a couple of months.

Forums are being replaced by facebook groups mostly these days.

That being said, check your junk folder.

I’m still a member there - I don’t post often but it looks as active as ever. What would you like me to do?

Congratulations on your purchase. I owned one from new for 15 years, ran perfectly all that time with total reliability until the engine went pop at 122.5k miles last April. An excellent bike which went out with a bang after a good innings, owing me nothing.

The only forum I used was this one - Suzuki Bandits | Two Wheeled Texans - it was very active 15 years ago when the 1250 first came out, somewhat quieter now as many have moved on but you should still find some useful/interesting threads there.

Facebook groups seem to be vanity projects for a few members who spend more time posting media of themselves than actually riding or contributing to the community.

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Thanks for the replies and am enjoying the big Bandit (first time I’ve ever ridden one) bit fat smooth creamy power and not like me, hides its weight well!

@Ben_Sir_Amos - if you could get someone from the forum to contact me that would be great. Cheers.

Lots of low end torque as well. A solid workhorse and good all rounder.

Did you get accepted? Did you check your spam folder?
If not, did you use the same username on the bandit forum? I can ask around. I can see someone got registered just a few days ago.

Nothing in spam or inbox but just tried to log in and I’ve been accepted. Thanks for all your input :slight_smile:

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