Bandit Exhausts - Urgent help needed!!

Anyone know if the bandit 650 (oil cooled K6) headers/ manifold are the same as the Bandit 600?

I’ve got a nasty feeling the connection between the manifold and the link pipe has rusted through over the winter and I’ve had to tie it up with lock wire just to stop me worrying!

If the 600 headers fit, I’m happy as Larry as they are pretty cheap to pick up (£40 or so on fleabay)… but when you put in 650 manifolds this rises to £100 or so, or just comes back as the water-cooled headers which are a totally different beast!

ANY help or ideas gratefully appreciated guys and gals!

Il Bandito!


Different Part numbers so I would have thought not. But not for sure.


650 is watercooled isnt it?? 600 is oilcooled.

id be very very suprised if they were the same, typical suzuki downpipes though made from soft cheese round the link pipe on nearly all bandits

I can assure you the 650 started as an oil cooled, naturally aspirated lump, what with ownig it and all :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thats the problem ive got though is that the 650 K7 onwards was watercooled and a totally different engine…

From what id heard the 650 (k5 &k6) was a 600 engine bored out a little bigger then they decided to re-do it all properly.

new headers list at about £250 and i can get a set of Bandit 600 headers for about £50-60 in good nick second hand from fleabay…

Just ask your Dad to buy you a new bike;)

Once hell has frozen over, martians open an embasy in london and BA opperate a fleet of flying pigs, I might well ask him!