Bandit Exhaust look broken


This my first bike after passing test(s) and it a GSF Bandit 2 650S from 2006.

Its been riding fine for the last couple of months with 20 miles a day commute to work.

I’ve now found that is burns massive amounts of oil in a week, and the exhaust is leaking. I’m not sure if the 2 are related. I’m not technical with exhaust systems and I wanted to see what everyones opinion was before I took it to the garage?

Aside from the back from of the system, the exhaust seems to be venting fumes from the conecting point underneath the stand see 3rd and 4th picture.

Can I fix it myself?

rotting collector box i reckon, think you can get replacement but might be a chance to get a new system.

oil, is bike high mileage?


the milage is 30k