Bandit 650 K7, Contaminated clutch fluid, engine timing etc etc????

Hey, would appreciate some advice on this, as green as they come in all things mechanical.

Clutch fluid was changed 10,000 miles ago. Looking at the resevoiur, the window is becoming increasingly murkier as the fluid appears to me getting dirtier. The bike has been a bastard to change gear from around 15,000 miles, has now done 30,000. I’m just wondering if its a clutch plate issue (worn)?

Also, on starting, the engines starting to run a little rough. Starts on the button, but you can hear that not all the cylinders are firing as they we’re (timing)?

I’ve also noticed that the fan is coming on more frequently at lights for example.

It may just be the bike becoming looser at this mileage, but I wouldn’t know. What you guy’s think?

TA in advance!

if clutch fluid was changed 10000 miles ago how about radiator fluid/water?

Cheers Mr Rocker sir.

I’m gonna go over the bike at the weekend, try and tidy some of this up. I’ll check all the levels ect, but just wanted a heads up on what to look out for, if these we’re valid symptoms and not my inherited paranoia! :Whistling:

I had the problem with the contaminated clutch fluid on my old SV1000 - filth from the front chain sprocket area was getting past the slave cylinder piston and into the fluid - the solution was to retro-fit a rubber boot over the end of the slave cylinder to stop the ingress of dirt.

Does yours have one of these boot things on it?

The rubber boot was a Suzuki part designed specifically for that slave cylinder - I think they fitted it as standard on later SV models. Not sure though.

If the clutch fluid is “milky” then there’s water or radiator fluid getting in…I’d hand it to a garage to get that looked at because it could be a gaskets issue and they need to be done right.
Worn friction plates will still allow your bike to shift but your gears will slip. Meaning that the plates are touching but don’t have enough friction to grip. Easy enough to sort but requires new engine oil (clutch fluid) and a gasket.
K7 bandits are injected IIRC so that rules out carbs causing the rough running…The timing is possible but usually occurs at high mileage. 30k is nowhere near enough for me to suspect a timing issue but your valve clearances should have been checked by now. Go through your service history and look for a valve clearances inspection/adjustment.

Throttle bodies still need balancing on injection bikes like carb bikes do . Clutch fluid is hydroscopic so absorbs water as it ages ,a flush through with fresh fluid would probably fix it . If water from the rad is getting into the clutch slave /master system then ummm errr it would be some sort of amazing feat of some magician or god or summat as its a sealed system :hehe: . Valves are due a check .