Balkans bike trip, who knows

Anything about it?

Has anyone in here taken a bike trip in the Balkans? I’m thinking up from Greece through North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia then back home through more familiar countries.

I’m hatching a plan for the summer which hinges on getting a long enough break from work.

Any thoughts?

I’ve been to Bosnia a number of times (hopefully again this year).

I’ve not biked it personally, there is some really lovely scenic routes but the roads are a bit ropey. One I remember driving on specifically thinking this would be a lovely bike road if not for the road itself. That was between tuzla and Sarajevo fwiw.

Lovely country and lovely people though.

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Almost the same trip as I did some years ago - blimey, it was in 2006! - I rode from Istanbul to Thessaloniki and into FYRM to overnight in Skopje. Then into Kosovo, couldn’t get into Serbia from there - they don’t recognise Kosovo, or didn’t then anyway, into Montenergro and then to Sarajevo. From there I headed for the coast and north towards Trieste.
No problems apart from the blanket 80kph limit in most places, one tht I fell foul of in Montenegro where the cop said I would have to go to court next day. He said he could have fined me on the spot but ‘didn’t have any paperwork with him’. When I offered to pay without paperwork he accepted my 100 Euro and I went on my way!
I would think the main difficulty, apart from coppers lining their pockets, would be insurance. You can buy it at the border of most places but I got a one-month policy from an outfit in Holland - Allessie Insurance, don’t know if they are still going - that covered everywhere including Turkey. It didn’t work in Kosovo though, I had to buy cover at the border.

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Mostar and Sarajevo worth visiting?

Defo! both worth visiting.

I’d defo go to the old town in Sarajevo really nice around there, also try one of their local dishes Ćevapi I always have one or two of those while i’m there.

See the bridge where Franz Ferdinand got shot, and supposedly their indoor market is supposed to be the oldest in “europe”

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The plan is coming together, maps ordered as I find Google maps less than ideal for route planning.

Don’t think I’ll take camping gear this time so might have to plan more than usual as it will be an August trip and accommodation could be full.

In Sarajevo they have the annual film festival it is a massive event, it’s like a week long baftas out there.

This year looks to be 12-19 of August, so if you go that week you might struggle with accommodation.

We have an office out there so if you need help finding somewhere to stay give me a shout.

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