Baglux tank cover wanted

Hi All,

I have been looking for a replacement tank but have now decided on a baglux cover.

Happy for any colour does anyone have one?



yeah i got 1 that i will sell.

was fitted to my 1200s find out if tanks are same etc and we can talk, lol.

its the maroon colour.

on baglux site gives same numbers for 600 and 1200 covers but letters differ looks like only for the colours.

ya welcome to come and try it.

where ya based? i am se london

I am based in SE London to Bromley.

Is that near you?

Also I have the un faired version would that make a difference?

dont think that makes a difference.

i am nr rotherhithe tunnel m8, jamaica rd if you know it.

how does £25 sound?

Sounds good. Yeah I know jamaica road in Bermondsey. It will have to be next week though is that ok?

yeah no worries m8, will pm ya me number.

have also clarified on the bible of bandits/gsxr’s that is oldskoolsuzuki that the 6/12 are same tanks just differ on fuel sensor underneath.