baffle removal on an R1 08 MY

Hey there peeps, any R1 owners out there removed the Baffles on an 08 MY R1 with a baffle kit?


Take it you mean to fit the race type end trims to stock cans?

Mate did it to his 05 R1. And regretted it…

Sounded like a tractor, and even tried adding extra packing to cans too.
Trouble is, you have to cut the end off your stock cans, so no going back once done!

did it to mine 04 r1 ,think it sounds ok ,got pulled other week after running out of juice ,got ticket for plate ect but no mention of cans, a cheeper option than buying race can listen to them on you tube :smiley:

Did mine a couple of years back, very easy, make sure you have all the tools available.

I bought a set from America, but then copied them with stainless internals as the American ones are mild steel and started to rust.

Very loud but cheaper than race cans. (great in tunnels!!!)

cheers guys good to know, gonna do mine this weekend, im a fully qualified tech and have all my tools from the lovely snap on so should be easy enough to do.

well i fitted the baffle kit yesterday and all i can say is wow how flipping loud is that exhaust, it still looks stock but blow me its sweet sounding.

yam yam now happy :smiley:


if you get tired of your ears bleeding with it you can add another wrap of packing material - mine will hit 98db at 5k for the trackdays now

How did you do it? and how long did it take???

hey buddy real easy job only took around two hrs to do. Just note they are sooo loud with out baffles. if ya need help with them just ask mate.