bad vibrations

i seem to just be asking annoying questions at the moment… sorry.

on the way home last night i rode over a cavernous pothole, going about 30mph, and the front forks took a pretty heavy impact. riding in this morning i noticed some tingling vibrations in the bars at all revs. i usually get some once the engine is heading toward the red line, but this felt like it was a constant buzz.

could the impact have damaged something to cause this?

also, should i need to get it fixed, would i have any recourse with the borough (it was in Clapham so i think it is Lambeth) as it was due to the state of their roads?

thanks for any advice.

case of just check your wheel is not damaged, or maybe your balance weight has come off.

Spose worse case scenario is damage to forks.

As for claiming of council take pictures of hole etc (b4 they know its there and fill it) but then you would have to put bike into shop and get some1 to look at it and make report etc then put in claim.

Let me know if they do pay. I had to change a brand new car tyre (3 weeks after it was fitted) for something stupid with a road in Camden! My gut instinct is think they’ll tell you where to go and assume you do wheelies all day long. Hope you get it sorted with minimal hassle though.