bad people every where

I recently bought the bike i always wanted!

When i went to see the bike i was very excited with the prospect of having the model i wanted since i was a little boy! The bike had no history apart from a couple of mot’s! It looked in good condition and it was reasonable priced with low mileage! So i made the deal after riding the bike, 90% of the deal was made with my heart,only 10% was made with my brain! On returning home i decided to go the long way and do a bit of motorway and see what the bike could do, after a while and pushing the bike to 70% of its capabilities i notice blue smoke coming of the exhaust, my first reaction was that i’ve been ‘‘done’’ by the vendor and soon after i did an HPI check only to find out that the bike has been declared a total loss by the previous insurer! i had to take the bike to a expert and fortunatly there’s nothing wrong with the bike and as for the blue smoke the major service cured the problem! However the lesson has been learned and i will never act on impulse or let my emotions run my brain! For those who persue to have their dream bike, do your home work first as there are people who don’t care how you feel and if they feel that you are vunerable thay will eat you ‘‘alive’’!!!

Ride safe!!