Bad Oil Spill on Angel Street between King Edward Street and St Martin le Grand

Taken from the Ninja site - figured it may be useful to you guys too…

As posted by Zixer…

There is a bad oil spill on Angel Street (between King Edward Street and St Martin le Grand/Aldersgate Street - just near St Pauls) which is being spread all over the road. I nearly slipped over just walking across the road.

This road is actually a bus lane, but I know that a lot of couriers that drop off at BT use Angel Street to get to the delivery bay, and like to cane it round the corner onto St Martin le Grand (lots of lean angle).

While I was there a copper happened to walk past (so they are sometimes there when you need them). I asked him who I should call and he immediately got on his radio to report it.

If you know any couriers that drop/pick up at BT then please let them know.