bad day at the petrol station

Jeez, i’d think i would give up riding after that lol

Nice soundtrack though :smiley:

hope he lost loads of skin , what is it with the septics and riding in t-shirt and jeans

I have a question: why was he filling his 'bike up with coffee?


You hope he lost loads of skin? What a ****ing nasty thing to say!

And I suppose you are absolutely perfect…nob.

Thats a sign to stop biking if i ever saw one lol

think i’m a bit sick i found it funny and like the post said no one was hurt…just pride lol

I would say it is a sign to avoid this particular petrol station.

Its not a nasty thing to say riding in tshirt and jeans is fuckin stupid I was refering to the spill at the end
im not perfect but i never ride unprotected

Pride stopped him from picking his own bike up…make out your hurt everyones watching go for the sympathy vote, i remember it well.

It would be a Kawasaki. Really want a Z1000SX but I think I’ll wait till another manufacturer makes one without the Kawasaki self-destruct feature.

It was a 31 year old Kawasaki & the fuel leak was due to a carb problem, they’d have been bought in from Mikuni or Kehin & the same as fitted to any other Jap bike of the period.

I presume you therefore also hope anyone having unprotected sex gets AIDS too then?

I’m with Waxy on this one…

It might be stupid, but saying that you hope someone got really badly hurt…come on man…that is just plain nasty.

Say I hope he learnt his lesson from not wearing protective gear might be a better way to put it.

wow never known someone to have so much bad luck all in one day haha

The 636 was notorious for setting on fire.