Back On 2 Wheels

As of this morning, I’m back on 2 wheels.

I had a hire bike delivered yesterday, a white hornet. Very different to what I’m used to riding but it does the job!

See you all out and about

very groovy! Glad to hear you’re up and about again.


Might be going ally pally tomorrow. If you’re going, I’ll see ya there.

Lovely Jubbly !!

hmmmm, now that’s interesting.

How exactly do I make the bike pull a wheelie…step by step guide

Great news Sherri!

Sorry, can’t be of any help on the wheelies - you’ve seen what I ride!

Dont…leave it to “Stella fuelled Tracker Fitters” !!!

what about Boli fuelled people?

so your def coming to France then?

I’m still on for France - although I hope my insurance is sorted out by then as I’d prefer to have my own bike. The hornet feels weird and exposed

Here ya go …

Not much good at them myself … I only do them by accident!

argh - no speakers at work! I’ll have alook at home over the weekend

Nice one Shewoolf


oh well done, hope to see you tonight!!!

Just one Horneto… gee vit to meee… delicious I scream, pulling wheelies… Da de da dumpty dar…etc.

Good to hear your news babe, I’m still doin da double decker ting

Yours jealously,


Woooo didnt take u long thn .

bit differant to the R1 hey

it certainly feels weird! It’s only a hire bike though so when the insurance is sorted, I’ll be looking at an R6 or a gsxr Long live fairing, lol

roflmao - you nutter!!! I love it

Hi, glad to see you are riding again.

Wicked news!!!

See not as bad as you thought - buzzy Hornet, better than a CB500!

See you at Ace tonght then?eh?