Back in the saddle again....soon!

New here - Hi all!

Been almost 4 years since I trashed the VFR800 in Germany, but hopefully I’ll (finally!) be back on 2 wheels again by the time summer kicks in!

What wheels you going back on ?

I am still riding my viffer.


1984 CB750F. Bought it last year, but needed an engine rebuild, which is why it’s not back on the road yet. Rebuild is done, just need to drop it back in teh frame and see if it’s any good.

Good loking bike though. Reminds me of my youth…



Nice looking bike, I have a 92 CB750 but it’s the single overhead cam and feels like it’s on downers (Would pull an elephant though).

I did 100,000 miles on an early 80’s CB750, it was the Boldour faired one in white with light blue strips, I loved that bike…

Although I love my VFR more.


tip: don’t live up to your username. :slight_smile: