Baby Bikesafe...

So thanks to Aiesman I took the “baby” version of bikesafe today at the LondonBikers discounted price. This is called “ScooterSafe”, but there were two “normal” 125cc bikes, plus my maxi and a moped - it’s really just a version for L plate riders rather than scoots-only per se.

One advantage of this course is the low number of people who attend it ;-). Due to the fact that there were only four people on the course, I had a copper to myself the whole day, doing one-on-one observed riding, a total of about 50 miles around from the Ace cafe. Some traffic practising filtering techniques, some twisty A-roads, some time on a dual carriage way…and all lots of fun. All in all a very good use of time, I feel I learned a lot, well worth signing up for. Now I need to pass my full license so I can go on the “full” bikesafe!


P.S. The rider I was with mentioned that he reads the forum as do a number of his colleagues…

i was thinking of takeing the l plate one but is it really worth it

In my opinion, it absolutely is. They tailor the day to what you need, so think of it as very inexpensive instruction with a police qualified rider!

The only disadvantage of taking it on L-plates is that they teach you how to ride, not how to pass your test. Not hard to

There was a guy who was about to do his DAS on the course I did, the coppers kept telling him to close his ears for certain bits because it’s not how the examiners want you to ride.