B1057, nice road...

Came back from my mums along the B1057 and B184, all going great on the B1057, its a really twisty road, great practice for everyone on cornering, entry speed, etc. Also it ends up in the very beautiful Fitchenfield (sp?)

But anyways, was stuck behind a slow moving Nova, came to a shortish straight part coming up to a sharp right hand bend in front me, so changed down and began to pull out to overtake. As I pulled out I saw a bike come round the corner, closely followed by another, on its side, with the rider on his arse sliding along…!

Stopped, along with the Nova, and we pulled the thundercat (!!) out of the hedge, bloke was fine, a bit shaken and bike was probably rideable, his friends came back and helped him out, so I got back on and proceeded with a bit mroe caution!!

Got to Fitchenfield and stopped to have my packed lunch, phoned Drei and found out it was EXACTLY the same corner that he came off on the other day!!! small biking world eh?

The corner is a real nasty one, tightens quite dramatically after the initial turn-in and has a massive hazard sign that you can only see once you are round the corner (taking your eyes off the line of the road and into the hedge, just where you dont want them to be!!). The bloke told me he had just touched the front brake and he came off, simple as that…

Thats my fave road! But in recent years its gotten too busy. Tis indeedy where Drei fell. Another of my m8’s fell on the next right left are where Drei went down (going away from F/Field). The road surface is dodgy and he lost the front ove the ripples. That was his 2nd of the day

The truly gr8 thing about that road is that on a ride of mixed bikes, its so goods for both Supermotos and superbikes alike. Get out there good’un early tho. Its like a flipping carpark nowdays!

Ah, the B184, one of my favourites. Out on it most weekends from Ongar to Gt Dunmow. The B183 is also a beauty

Ongar to Leaden Roden yeah. From LR to Gt D is way too straight for ol’Sneaky!

Ps, it can get very, very dusty/gravelly! Be careful.

What were you riding Elad?

I know so it’s normally 184 and then over to the 183 to Takley

I think he rides a thundercat mate.

Ah, I’d hoped this was Elad. I was gonna invite hime on another one of my faves



I think that is him on one of his excursions, but dont quote me on that.

Cool. If he still has the crosser I know some fab routes to discuss with’im 2c if he knows’em! You could join us on the SV too. You’re not gonna get to use to much of that stomp tho!

Hehe sorry mate, that was in Morrocco, and the bike stayed there!

Ride a thundercat normally, and agree about the B184 btwn GtD and LR is too straight!! but lots of other twisties…and yeah I reckon a supermoto would be very cool on those!

The road surface on that particular corner is also a bit dodge, we looked at it again and there are two quite big ridges on it that could easily cause a prob…

Will have to join you on the sunday morning brekkie run soon…

“The road surface on that particular corner is also a bit dodge, we looked at it again and there are two quite big ridges on it that could easily cause a prob…”

You might be on the next set of corners up, I dont rember it being to bad where our man hit the decK? The biggest lump he hit was the cats eye his trail when over

Ooh you really are a perv-after-my-own-heart BikerBoy! I just looked on the map to see which was the B183. Oh yyyyyesss! Thats the road I was thinking about taking Elad (and others) on if he had a crosser (its good on any bike, but better on summit less powerful). I use that road after the “Lavers” and Matching Tye/Matching Green, on to the B183. Then around the back of Stanstead then it looks like the B1051 to Thaxted. I’ve used the route on a Blade and TL1000S too. When we get out early enough we’ve used it to get to F/Field, but thats a long-A$$ way for breakfast

this is the same road i came off on saturday afternoon.

just leaving ongar towards dunmow.

two fast around a left hander to be confronted by a car and tractor on other side of road, l binned it in to the hedge/verge on the right. broke my collarbone and dislocated my shoulder in the process. |The ambulance crew said i came of lucky, that they get regular calls to thias road and many dont walk away from it.

Take it easy out there guys you never know whats round the corner waiting for you

Sh!t, sorry to hear that dude…hope you fix up quick!

Eek! No, sounds like you were on the B184 Wish you better

Sympathy to all the crashers but can you pleeeeease stop binning it on our favourite roads? Double white lines, 40mph limits and cameras a-gogo come next on crashy hot-spots.