A couple guys (non-regulars) wanna have some BCR tomo. I’m gonna meet them at the rounderbout for 8.30. I have stuff to do so we’re only going as far as Takeley (and back). If anyone is up for it, knows the route and can show them the rest of the way it’d be appreciated.:cool:

You never know, they might look like this!:w00t:

If only… ha ha.

Never made many of these last year, actualy i think i only managed 1. Not likely i’ll make many this year either but if there was chics like that on it id make even more effort to get there :smiley:

Should be at the london bike show on the 6th though with my moto all finished if anyone fancies meeting up then

Oi, go start your own thread!

Not sure if the Riot has the same effect, but you can only hope as they are both as asthetically challanged…

What are you talking about Cooltempo? Its my R1 thats an ugly pile of poo , The Riot, well thats a things of ultimate beauty!

easy Tigerzzzzz. stop **** blockin :P:P

This is easier :stuck_out_tongue:

i seriously doubt this somehow and that’s why i’ll be in bed. if however they do look like this you can make a quick detour to my place :smiley:

Wow Kato, what great LB sort. You’d let us come around and use your place as a knockingshop!:w00t:

One of them is the mechanic from Len Wade M/C’s, and Len Wade’s would be the busiest workshop ever if he looked like that!


You should check this out :wink:


Hijacker strikes again… ha ha

This wasn’t the kinda screwing about I had in mind?:angry: 2nd puncture in 8 day!:angry::angry::angry: