Aww cute...

Couldn’t resist! :smiley:



hahahaha your in trouble now!!

gets popcorn ready…

She’ll never find it! :hehe:


Uh oh, I wouldn’t be so sure… If enough of us post on this thread…

its nice to finally put a name to a face :wink:

And someone edits the thread title…:Whistling:

I dont get it ?

I don’t think that’s necessary…now I’m not a girl but I imagine that the title ‘Awww cute’ is as attractive to a girl as a thread entitled ‘tits and fanny’ is to a bloke? :smiley:

You obviously don’t know many of the LB ladies then;)


Alli now has brown hair

& a long face…

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… oh and did i say HA :P:hehe:


Oops. this is going to be a good thread :w00t:

I give this thread a 2-3 (out of 10) on the popcorn scale.

just wait a while… ur too impatient :wink:

the prey will be along at some stage :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon, she has seen it, run and cried or is trying to stay out of it…

…any way…her bike is sh1t too! Pink is so not her! :stuck_out_tongue:

Either of them might tempt her out…