Awesome touring pictures...

first 11 pages are all amazing photos taken by a guy touring through america :w00t:

Wow, they are awsome pics;)

The quality on these is unreal, I wonder what kind of kit he used to make them?

Canon D5 and 16-35 f2.8 lens :smiley:

Amazing :slight_smile:

Saw these when posted on ADV, amazing quality and roads. Looks like they had fun too.

i now have a series of new backgrounds :smiley:

Amazing photos, especially considering theres no camera mount. :cool:

Wow, impressive stuff. :slight_smile:

the guy rides with his left hand gloveless, pulls the mega expensive DSLR out of his tank bag and shoots away, no wrist strap or anything! how did he get the ones of the bikes cornering behind him, riding one handed, pretty quick = insane

dam, nice! I bet his camera cost more than his bike!

what an amazing bunch of photos. still can’t believe how he manages to take pictures of the guys behind him going round corners

the low gravity ones a wicked!

v nice!

Those pics look like a bikers wet dream. Amazing.

Beautiful pics… not a Jam Jar in sight!!

Touring pics are so inspiring, makes me want to go touring!