avon tyers

hi all,

just put a set of avon storm st on my gsxr 1300,anyone got any feedback on them,as did a bit of homework as ya do on them and all the write ups are good.anyway im not getting alot of use to scrub them in due to the crap weather,o well. ta doug

I’ve got Avon Storms on my Blackbird…

Love 'em… :smiley:

thats cool mate,whats the life of them like,they seem to recon 4k + ,obvs depending on how ya ride,they good allrounders, ta doug

I’ve had mine on for 4,500 miles now and they’re only just starting to square off… due to the 40 miles a day motorway commute. Plenty of grip on the twisties and great in the wet. I’ve had them on my CBR600F and the Bird and think they’re a really good all-round tyre.

good choice then a mate,ta for that

I have just put a set on my busa, gone back to them after trying BT021, Avons far better, well for my style of riding anyway:) Expect 6k+ depending how you ride.

I’ve got an Avon Storm rear on my ZX9, and it’s ok - nowt special.
Pretty good in the dry, although when it’s cold it will slide a little until it gets nicely warm.Better in the wet than BT021s, but not perfect.Turn -in can be a bit slow due to the profile of the tyre.Mileage-wise, I was expecting great things due to the tractor tyre-like tread depth, but my rear is toast after less than 4k miles.I got nearly that much out of the Avon Viper Sport, which is far, far better in the dry and easily as good in the wet.