Avoid the City - Bank junction area is being evacuated

Due to a suspected car abandoned in the middle of the junction - bomb robot deployed…

thats so cool. please keep posting pictures :smiley:

looks like Johnny Number 5 from Short circuit!!

Apparently the car got pulled over and the driver legged it leaving the car there. A friend reckons he see it happen as his building is pretty much where that photo was taken from

Getting away from the window to the opposite end of the building might be more advisable.

just round the back of my building

Luckily 5 mins from my Building but even luckier as i’m at home!! lol

well there’s nothing in the news, so as suspected it was just a car in the middle of the road.

not heard any explosions so I suspect you’re right…

Mian can you move your car so everyone can get back to work?


sorry, it’s broken down :frowning:

Luckily it’s all clear now. It turns out the Police was following this vehicle and when they’ve tried to stop it, the driver legged it…

Quote from Twitter, “Most exciting day in pensions ever.”