Avoid the A12//Blackwall Tunnel

Just seen this on Facebook :

A12 shut both ways between bow interchange and A406 - avoid the area , getting out of here tonight is going to be fun as the tunnel is probably going to be shut north bound soon to stop people queuing in it…great

‎15 year old girl has jumped off the bridge at the green man

queuing back through the tunnel now…of which I am currently sitting on top - it is goingto take ages to get out of here tonight


A12 East London, both ways between A406 North Circular Road and A11 High Street

A12 Greater London - Severe delays and very slow traffic on A12 in both directions between Redbridge Roundabout in East London and Bow Interchange in London, because of earlier police incident. Congestion to Blackwall Tunnel and to Gants Hill Roundabout.

Updated 14 minutes ago



As of 10 minutes ago - the A11 was jammed as far back as Whitechapel Sainsburys … beware U turning motorists :slight_smile:

Just experienced this - I never usually go east of tower bridge but had a site visit that I was heading back from. I thought the traffic was a bit mad

The usual bunch of box junction sitters, ignorant u-turners and wild lane changers were all there all making the journey fun.

Hmm you sure about the 15 year old jumping off the bridge? Apparently it was a guy that was threatening to jump off… but that was around 1 to 2Pm so why did it affect traffic in the evening?


Video Footage:



Here we even get a police escort:)


Wondered why it took me nearly an hour to get from essential rubber to the tunnel

that traffic was everywhere. Went up Tea Hut, ridiculous amounts of traffic. Never seen that much traffic before, well not like that.

It was a chuffin night mare on the 12. But big praise to the usual crew who ride down there. Lots of patience by riders, no bullying people out of the way when filtering. A real sense of looking out for one another.

Nice, keep it up chaps!

Shame cars were all over the place blocking lanes as they were trying to move… where no idea as no one was moving anywhere. Traffic was just as bad at Redbridge Roundabout and even after for a little bit.

Ahh, so that was the problem. I got caught in it too - the only upside of it was that I got chatting to a very nice young lady on a CBF while we were stuck at Limehouse. It made the jam a bit more bearable :wink:

haha, yeah i mistakenly decided to come back through blackwall tunnel yesterday and the cars weren’t even moving at all, i felt really sorry for poor bugers…i also think i saw Miss Plum too