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First of all what a great team on Saturday. It was great to see some of you guys from last year and do it all again.

For all of you on the Aviva breakthrough team I need to pass on some amazing discussions that are taking place on the Aviva Breakthorugh forum in relation to the bikers safety team.

We are recieving some very heartfelt and suppporting comments from lots of the walkers in relation to our efforts on the day. They all wanted us around in the afternoon and are taking up their own feedback to Aviva, as we will undoubtedly do.

They loved the efforts of each and every one of us and want us to know that we play such a major part in their success. Lifting them up when they are down, raisind their energy when they are tired and raising a smile everytime they see an orange shirt. I was made aware of the discussion by my missus who did the walk and borrowed her login to post a reply on behalf of us all. I hope you agree with my words as I wanted to reflect our passion for this event:

I have just “borrowed” Tinas login details for the moment to post this reply on behalf of the bikers to all of your wonderful comments.

Being a veteran of two years now I can say that this event means so to all of the bikers that take part. Last year we had a dozen bikers and due to the feedback we gave on the biking websites we had over 100 volunteer this year and had to limit the entry!

We all have an overwhelming respect for all of you that walk for your special reasons, special people and special love.

We will never get near the effort that you all give physically and mentally to take part in these events but we never tire from giving as much support in motivation, support hugs, cheering and fun as we can to keep you going to reach your goal.

Anyone who walks across that start line has unreserved commitment of the biking safety team and we will do whatever we can to make you proud. Some of you may not have made the finish line but that is not something to be sad about. The fact that you registered, turned up and started that walk means you succeeded and we are all proud of you.

The management organisation this year meant we had a few challenges of our own trying to support you as much as we did. You will be pleased to hear that we ignored our original orders to go straight to Regents Park and wait there from the morning! We feel passionately about the part we play for you and I promise, on behalf of the biking safety team, that we will be there for you, stronger, more energetic, and still in bra’s, in 2008.

Thank you so much for your kind comments on this forum and I will ensure that they get back to the team.

I hope the blisters have healed, the pain is now pleasure and that you all know what a fantastic effort, and difference you made on Saturday to so many past, present and future lives.

Be proud of yourselves, we are, and we can’t wait to see you all next year.

Remember…You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing!

Jeremy (Small bra man!)
On behalf of all the biking marshal’s WELL DONE!

Nice one mate, good words.

You’ve bought a tear to my eye (again) xx

Caz (team MBA)

Well said. :Wow:

Fantastic words Jez and thoroughly heartfelt by all the LB support team :cool:

jesus christ jez…

can you be my best man at my wedding…lololol:laugh:

that was really nice pal…

can you post a link to the forum please mate?



Nice one Jeremy! Great to see you again, looking forward to next year :slight_smile:

Now look what you done…i got that lump in my throat again!!!

word nicely said indeed.

Hi guys,

I can’t thank you enough for your support last Saturday at the Aviva Breakthrough Breast Cancer walk in London. Your energy & enthusiasm was so infectious & you inspired me to keep smiling as we clocked up the miles : )

Your presence was a little bitter sweet for me, as in August I lost a colleague when her & her fiance were killed whilst out on their beloved motorbike. Her funeral was amazing, with a large biker presence including police riders from their local force where they were special constables. They were both equally passionate about their bikes & their community - the roles you played on Saturday for us walkers were just the type of thing she would have come bounding in the office to tell us under the usual “what did you do this weekend” banner! So it was great to hear the roar of your engines & see you en masse as it made me feel as if she was smiling down on me : )

We couldn’t have done it without you & I thank you all for your time & support. My hubby & Bro-in-Law are just beginning the journey to get their bikers licences & both have pledged that they will try & lend their support in future years!

Thanks again, hope to see you next year x

OMG, I’m at home and blubbering away!!!

Fastbloke, good words and I hope that the organisers wake up.

JoJo, we were only to happy to have been of service, the spirits of fallen comrades live through each and everyone of us, we all share that same passion, and you can be certain that your friends were with you on saturday!

Once your hubby and bro-in law are up to speed with their bikes they shall be welcomed with open arms to this community (hell, an interest in bike suffices!). It is a camaraderie that is seldom felt and recreated in any other way.

I and am sure I can speak from everyone here, look forward to seeing and supporting you next year!

Some tender words from a kind man. Fastbloke. Thank you for articulating our emotions and presence at the event better than most of us could have! It was a pleasure to meet you all at the event, and I look forward to Sept '08 and other events. (P.S. Barro, thanks for laying out all the food, but sorry I didn’t make it)

Dennis :wink:


Oh My God, you have made a grown woman cry (and no comments about women always crying please).

You guys are truely amazing, if you are not there next year all hell will break loose!!

Without anyone taking this out of context, I love you guys!!! Your spirit and encouragement is phenomenal :smiley:

thank you for your comments. with everything that has been said it really does put a lump in my throat to hear yuo say that. But what i really want to say is I LOVE YOU GUYS. You are an inspiration to all of us and you were the people that showed true guts, determination and spirit. You are all amazing :slight_smile:

Quality words…Quality Geeza…you, Rufus and Raddobank are family !!