Average speed cameras

Has anyone been unfortunate enough to receive a ticket/fine from the average speed cameras on the A40 or A316? or the A406.

Just wondering how much you can push the speed limit with these things

l noticed the fixed camera at hook junction on the A3 southbound has now been removed…hopefully they’re not installing them on the A3 aswell.

Get a GPS Speedo for your smart phone. Try out for a few runs. Let us know where they start to flash.

Thanks. Yeah?

Not on the A316 have averaged probably 10mph over and not got hit…but I’m not trying to push it.

The fixed cameras on the A3 have been gradually being replaced with digital ones, probably what they’re doing at Hook. I think there’s only the northbound near New Malden Tesco still left on my run in (Hook-Wandsworth).

There are some sort of cameras on the A3 that have been going up over the last year in various spots, not sure what they are though. I thought maybe low emission zone but it seems strange that they’d be on the southbound side.


Not on the A316 have averaged probably 10mph over and not got hit...but I'm not trying to push it. Abzero
People I know have been doing 10mph over on a40 for a while as well with no issues.