Auto doors

I might buy one.:smiley:

Superb! :D:D:D:D

I want one - wonder how much?:D:D

Loving the avatar johnp!:slight_smile:

Oh yes and easy maintenance too :smiley:

Thankyou Bumblebee, i have had a few others mention it.

Can you upgrade to a naked version ?


Upgrading the age too I hope… :rolleyes:

Aha! I have one!

Whenever I get back to my underground car-park, I switch off and prepare for the hassle of getting off and unlocking the gate and getting back on and so forth. But if I wait a few moments, glamorous 58 year-old granny Barbara from over the street comes out and unlocks for me, having heard the roar of the engine and peeked out of her nets.

She seems to enjoy doing this; well, she gets to fill my ear with local gossip in the process, but she’ll even abandon Corrie to come out. I rewarded her with a spin round Highbury a toute vitesse and without lids the other evening, she enjoyed it but said it made her eyes water and that her reputation would be irreparably damaged, which she quite likes the thought of.

Should I trade her in for a younger model?