Australian Government Even More Daft than the UK...

There is a proposal at the moment that “Splitting Lanes” or filtering as we know it is to be made illegal.

What the hell is the point of having a bike if you can’t make progress? Talk about giving to to the cage drivers.

Article from Aussie paper here:…5E1702,00.html

Very silly indeed. I wonder what sort of saftey study they’ve done, no doubt performed by a load of monkeys. In many states in America it’s illegal as well. Barmy! Nice to hear from you GBC

That was interesting to know! I hope that no one will try to copy it here! Thanks for that girl!

in fairness they don’t actually need a special licence to ride the monstors available in the US,

for example, my uncle’s first bike was a blade, he had his mate teach him to ride it…

Who was self taught.

Also If you do filter, especially in Detroit, cars, trucks and suv’s will pull into your path on purpose as they feel you are insulting them by over taking. safer on a chopper the size of a transit.

The Australian Government are a bit backward with stuff like this … my flatmate, who is Australian, agrees with me too!

That’s just hope our nanny goverment dos’nt follow suit
I have to say i am getting really pizzed off with dum politicians and do gooders encroching on my life and freedom…Why can’t they just leave things alone.Soon you won’t be able to have a sh1t without some form of policy dictating how you do it and when!!! We will soon all be like robots!!!