Aussie bike forums?

Afternoon all!!!

Well, after sleeping for 15 hours yesterday following BCW and spending the day looking and feeling like a zombie, this brilliant idea popped into my head and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before now.

As some of you know, my parents live in Melbourne and every christmas I head down-under to spend a month with them. The past 3 times have been great (laying by my dad’s pool, drinking his beer and chilling out) but this year I wanted to do something a bit different and make more of the time I had there. So…I thought to myself last night, why don’t I use my dad’s bike (Honda Deauville) and ride from Melbourne to Brisbane along the coast, taking in Sydney on the way, then back to Melbourne. It’s about a 5000km round trip and I think my dad’s bike would be perfect, and I have mates that live in Brisbane so accomodation wouldn’t be a problem once I got there. I was even thinking of turning it into a bit of a sponsored event to raise money for our friends at the London Air Ambulance.

My question is do any of you guys know of any good motorbike forums in Australia that I could post questions to and get some local knowledge from regarding routes and places to stay along the coast that are biker friendly etc.

Well looking forward to doing this


You sure you not raising beer money !!!

I,ll be a sponsor if you get it going !!


U lucky son of…

nice one…git

Here’s a rival for Flat’s coastal ride to Portsmouth

The more and more I think about this the more feasable I reckon it is…just imagining me riding up the coast on my dad’s bike donned with large LB stickers

Thanks for the link Liz

OMG! Have you not been to Warrnambool before?

Brings back a few scary memories from my time there last Christmas.

Actually, you might like it. You rock up there wearing your Blundstones and riding the Doh!ville and you’ll have a lovely few days.

And you think Wales is the product of close family relationships?!

Did that exact route last christmas in a car. I wished I was on a bike the whole way.

need someone to babysit the SV?

Did the Great Ocean Road too last time I was over there and it was awesome in a car, so should be much better on a bike.

Oli…nice try dude

Bump and congrats SV!Think you were pretty much the first person i ever chatted to in person from LB on Ali’s ride out @ The Silver Ball Good luck eh.

Try MC News -

I am Australian, lived most of my life in the Hunter Valley (although not many more years I’ll be able to say that for!) but also 3 years in Newcastle and 5 in Sydney. I might be able to help with some of your questions, so feel fee to PM me.