Augmented Reality Helmet HUD

Got an Instagram ad for this today. I used to put money into all kinds of kickstarters back in the day, but never had a lot of confidence in ambitious projects like this. That said, I’ve had some a couple of great products through the years, like the now popular Peak Design Everyday Backpack.

At a minimum, this looks conceptually interesting to me.


Screenshot 2020-06-01 at 09.02.24

I seem to remember a few of these concepts pop up over time… They all look good in practice. The marketing always makes them look fantastic and clearly they’ve raised quite a bit of money.

But, would I spend 300+Euros for this… unlikely. There’s also another couple of things. Is there a little screen so close to the eye? Surely safety wise that’s a bit iffy?

Call me a bit old fashioned but I think it’s safer to do a cursory glance at the old sat nav when properly mounted, when safe to do so, than having a constant display obscuring part of your view. I would find it highly distracting, especially when negotiating tight London traffic.

This image in particular makes me dizzy…

Edit: this is actually a gif on the site, which makes me even more nauseous - but the picture shows it quite well anyway

Lastly, I know this is me being a stickler but I cannot tolerate errors with the old apostrophe - it just smacks of unprofessionalism when asking for so much money!

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My previous car had HUD and I miss it so much. You think glancing down a millisecond to see the speedo or sat nav doesn’t interfere with your driving until you try a properly working HUD and it is like magic having that info subliminally beamed into you.

It’s the difference between being able to touch-type, and having to keep glancing down at the keyboard.

I’ve no idea whether these are the right guys, or not, to pioneer this tech, maybe someone like Sena would be better placed to make it work, but I would love to have it some day.


My ability to translate into French would have been a lot worse than just apostrophes.

As a replacement for separate bluetooth and GPS units it seems to be a lot cheaper, however it has no intercom facility and you would still possibly need a subscription to a service for offline maps etc.

The remote control seems quite expensive at £45 for what seems to be a disposable item. It claims a 2 year battery but does not suggest it can be recharged.

Something like that would not be distracting to me but that one seems to be just a mirror of your mobile phone. Without special apps designed for that purpose, I cannot see how something designed for filling a phone screen even if transparent, would not be distracting.

Ideally you want the display to use the upper and out edges and only fill the full view when appropriate. The sample images showing the call buttons that you cannot access in the field of vision, for example. An unnecessary obstruction of the view, and fill right into the bottom inside corner whilst the top inside corner is empty space.

I like the idea, and usually these funded projects are built into specific helmets rather than options to use with your own. But given the cost for something not optimized for use whilst riding makes me wary.

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Oh yeah absolutely - I only skimmed the content so didn’t pick up they were a French company. But then I wouldn’t be looking for hundreds of thousands of pounds / euros for my translation :smiley: