Attn Admin-Name Change

I emailed Jay about 2-3 weeks ago Asking for my Name to be changed as i no longer own the GSXR, could admin please change my User Name?

I now want to be known as…Fireblade_Sam (not to be confussed with Fireman Sam) I wanted to change it to Boris the Blade but then everyone would call me Boris and no one would know my real name and i think that gets awkward on ride-outs etc.

Isn’t ‘Fireblade_Sam (not to be confused with Fireman Sam’ a little long winded for a forum name?


Its just Fireblade_Sam to my friends

How about postman_pat? I think that suits you best. :smiley:

I want jay to change it to Fire man Sam now :stuck_out_tongue:

has a ring to it

Does that mean we can have a ride out to Pontypandy now! Fireman Sam to lead of course…

Just as well it is not FirePants_Sam…

Think ahead!




how about I_am_Sam

Sam_I_am ?

Green_eggs_and_ham ?


i think its only fair to put it to the votes.
so whats the shortlist people?

For a more permanent solution I vote for Orange_Sam

On second thoughts you might have issues with that if you go to Glasgow or NI

lol @KTM D

My brothers still call me Spamuel

‘Spam d’Orange’ it is then



I think i prefer FiremanSam