Attempted theft - Epping

Last weekend in Epping some shitehawk tried to steal my bag-o-shite 1990 Africa Twin hack. God knows why. It’s a shed. Not a straight panel on it and it’s covered in filth.

It wa parked at the back on a dead end residential estate, so no through traffic of people or cars. They spanked the ignition barrel but left the disk lock untouched.

Watch yer wheels people!

I think they must of seen it as an older bike (pre-immobilizer days) and had a go at it.

Yeah, think it was wee scrotes just wanting something to fanny about on. Deffo wasn’t being stolen for parts. The only good thing on it is the keyring, and that was in my pocket. :slight_smile:

some blinkers tryed nicking my mate 09 blade from ruislip other week think the weather brings them out
luckerly hes neihbour disturbed them and now he beefed up security

Ditto a friends 1999 R1 :frowning: 'Twas the chains and anchor that saved it. Anchor them or lose 'em folks.