Asturias travel

Been looking around for an easy bike travel holiday and I’m getting good feelings about the Asturias. Looks the best kept secret in Spain. Even the Barceloinian in my office knows of it"and “it’s very beautiful” but has never been there.

Problem? I have near zero Spanish and this is off the English tourist trail.

Am I going to get by without too many problems?



Go for it. Hanging back is for when you are already dead. Sounds like a nice trip. Get a travel phrase book, Spanish is a very “regular” language, in contrast to English. If you study the few rules for pronunciation, you can read a sentence right off the page, no trouble, or buy a speaking electronic translator from some japanese company and save your self the trouble.

In my experience people in spanish-speaking countries will more than meet you halfway, if you show any evidence of tryingto learn their language.

I was told about this area by a guy I know who is from Madrid, he said the same as you mentioned that it is overlooked as a tourist destination, all the more reason to visit.

My old man is probably going through there on his bike trip this year, on his way to Portugal.

I’m pretty rubbish at languages, but got Spanish language cd’s by Michel Thomas from local library & put them on my i pod, it’s the best iv’e heard for learning a language.

Necesito uno medico…se me terminaron los medicamentos

Thanks for the tips and I’ll look out for the CD’s phond.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, looks like the trip may have to be delayed a tad, possibly to next spring, but please keep any news and views coming. I might still get there this summer if I can just get rid of some baggage. (aka Working for a living.)


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