Assen Qualification

Well Rossi went out for qualifying but was in obvious pain and discomfort. He finished 18th, a shade under four seconds off the pace.

Pole is Hopkins, 2nd Nakano, 3rd Edwards, 4th Hayden, 5th Pedrosa, 6th Vermulen, 7th Melandri and 8th Checca.

I hope he is OK, he needs points!!! More exciting to watch this year, with him not leading half way through but I want him to win again.

Capirossi looked to be really struggling there, he could be seen visibly fighting for breath. No way he’ll make race distance in that state. The way Rossi walked off well before the end, it looked like he’d decided to settle for having just made the grid and take his chances tomorrow.

I bet he still wins it - he’s just trying to psyche everyone else out. Or something…

If he had to have both arms amputated at the elbow, it still wouldn’t surprise me if he won. Lol.

That’s one messed up set of places! Rossi just got back on form and now he’s buggered eh! Good to see Suzuki at the front!

With half the field crocked with injuries we could be in for a strange result. Hayden to win it though as long as he stays on the track. Perhaps Edwards and Pedrosa to fill the top 3. Can’t see Rossi winning from there, even if they dose him up to the eyeballs with pain killers he is going to hurt.

I reckon Hopkins or the old man will win it. I’d love either to, both have British traits running through them.

I’m really pushing for Hopper to win this one, the guy has been superb this year.

Suzuki must be thanking their lucky stars that he turned down Ducati.