ASIMO - The Robot from Honda - NEC

Hi guys,

I know most of you have been to the Bike show and seen this thing but I thought I would add a little video clip collage.

Its about 3mins long.

Excuse the quality, it was made with a mobile phone and I had to reach over crowds. But it is one cool machine.

I reccomend you right click it and then click ‘save as’.

Most standard media players can’t play this kind of file, you will need the 3gp codec. I think REAL player sorts it, but if not google it an choose a codec/player.

Couldn’t see the it mate?

I will sort out some converted video files later. make them user friendly for the masses.

But for now…

Q: How can I play 3GP files on my PC?

A: You use Apple Quick Time 6.4 and above, to play 3GP files, download it from Apple web site. Also, Real Player is able to play 3GP files, as well as the Nokia Multimedia Player.

This is about 6meg. let me know if it works.

No… still not working…

I could watch your first clip in IE no problem.

Asimo is so clever you think it’s a kid inside.

Don’t tell me it is!

Loved watching it at the show, was in awe of how uncannily human like it was. Imagine the little guy running around with a railgun mounted to his arm and a red light on his face going back and forth… The future of 21st century warefare.