As of 2moro....

I will be Cageless!!! lol sold the car and now have enough money to afford lessons and leathers! mwahh haaa haaa… one step closer to world domination :alien:

congrats! welcome future biker!!

Not the best time to be learning … lol be a bit cold, but hey ! good luck !!

Have you got any school lined up ?

i did my das in the winter…dam it was cold…but you’ll be fine mate…any tip tou need…make sure you post em up mate,people will help you know end on here…

good luck dude!!!


i started learning in the winter, err still am, did my test xmas eve in the fog,

Good on you! Cause of the fog examiner didn’t see you wobbling :smiley:

learnin in the winter is going to be an eye watering experience, i was just taking a brisk stroll and the wind was cuttin into me lol, so imagine doing 30+ on a bike?! i salute every single one of you who are stil riding in this weather :cool: look out for my “what do i wear and where do i buy it from” post! :stuck_out_tongue: ill probably use the search function first and see how that goes…

@scarface erm, either elite in wimbledon…or metropolis in vauxhual. still choosing between the two…very nice r1 by the way lol, how it treatin ya? ive heard they can be a bit of an animal!

thanks for the replies guys!:smiley: