As ever we're very well looked out for and represented...

Something tells me that as bikers we’re not as popular as car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, children, dogs, fleas, dead people, the plague, Anthrax, and the nasty sticky green slimey stuff you get if you don’t bleach your bog for about 37 years…


fight the bleeding heart middle of the roads characterless, life-less, cage-driving drones wherever you find them! live your boring lives in your sheltered scary little worlds where there are paedos, terrorists and mad axe murderers on every single corner… you read the Daily Mail, you get everything you deserve!

mmmm… too much coffee… carry on

I was talking about this with a few friends on the weekend. we reckon that from no licence at current to full with an nice old bike your looking at :£100 CBT

£450 Direct Access

£70 Test (If you pass first time, if not another £100 for a couple of lessons and another £70 for your test)

£500 minimum for decent helmet gloves boots leathers or gortex lacket and trousers.

£2500-£3000 for your first yet old bike. (Obviosly there are cheeper bikes out there but a good average guage)

Total: £3620 - £4290 :w00t: and that dont include insurance, tax, MOT

and they wanna make it more expensive! jeeeazus

it is worth it though isnt it :smiley:

"Motorcyclists make up 1% of road users but 20% of the casualties. Officials say this new test is all about changing that. "

errrrr…we dont have a big cage around us with airbags and seatbelts …these people are fcuking idiots

The only problem i see is the amount of test centers

The test Has to be better I passed on a direct access having never before had a Bike before and altho It benifeted me I think it is dangerous as i really had no clue and had to learn everything after passing the test

I still Maintain you cannot be that competent after 4 days of riding a bike at the current standard of test requirements.

after passing i rode with experianced riders to get better altho i do think it helps if you drive a car before as you know what you dont like bikers doing do you try not to do it yourself>

yeah but how typical is it of our country to assume that by either charging more taxing more or waisting more of our time they will have an effect on these stats.Personally Id put more money/time and marketing into the bike safe courses available with the police. Or perhaps make a mandatory evaluation not test after your first year with the police or third party traing body?

or alternatively making bike awareness part of your Car test !

If increasing cost prices out the little feckers then im all for it - but i reckon they’ll just ride anyway without the necessary skills.

Also - I keep hearing that we make up 1% yet account for 20% of the deaths/casualties…what they dont tell you is that most of those 20% were knocked off or killed by car drivers who were in the wrong!

I think someone somewhere has figured out that soon enough we’ll all be on bikes - the fuel is ever decreasing as is space so its a logical conclusion that - as in china - we’ll all be on two wheels in less than 20 years.

maybe just maybeJust imagine it… all those gixers :stuck_out_tongue:

Rosemary Thew said they are only trying to make the roads safer for everyone.

She added: “It is a bit perverse if people are trying to get their test done before these new safety measures come in because frankly, they’re designed to improve their safety on the road.”

Its because the price is going to be around £1200 to get your pass, no other reason you dosy mare

Its very simple, if you want to stop people driving dangerously, don’t make the cars SAFER… put a LARGE knife sticking out of the steering wheel, that gets closer to your throat the faster you go… they’ll slow down very quickly.

Cocooned in a perfectly safe environment, the feeling I get inside a car is that the world is safe. But as a biker, I know its not that simple. With all the safety measures to protect “the little children in Mummy’s X5” being the standard way of dealing with reducing accident statistics they’re always onto a loser. Until cagers UNDERSTAND how dangerous driving is these stats will never come down.

Case in point for us… electronic anti-spin measures are probably the next big thing for modern sports bikes… now fair enough this will stop traction loss when a riders hits diesel right… but be honest… how many bikers are going to use that measure to actually go faster, cos they think they’re safer now there’s a far reduced chance of losing traction?

We’re lemmings… all of us, not just cagers… scientist says, HUMANS are destroying the planet and we’re in trouble… so what do we do… we buy another car and fly to Majorca for our hols and moan about other people’s terrible carbon footprint…

Selfishness is the death of humanity, its just too slow for the effects to be obvious and convincing enough for most people…

great post!

I am likely to be one of those affected by this. I passed my CBT in may but don’t want to carry on with lessons/test until I have a 125 to get some on the road experience (i.e. log hours on road outside of lessons).

My local test centre is one of those being closed, and I mean closed totally. Not only will no bike tests be carried out, but they are closing the car test side of things too. Needless to say the local bike and car training schools are less than happy.

I have already spent out on the CBT, and paid up for DAS, spent out on gear and now sorting a bike, so the last thing I need is even more expense to do off road stuff that is covered in the CBT anyway!?!

(please do not hesitate to correct me, if I have anything wrong)

errr… off road manoevres??? They making us ride across fields now??? Or is this some funny antic that you get up to in car parks late at night??:D:D

Well said

Niffer you must be new round here… I normally get an ear bashing for being the ranty one :smiley:

credit where credit’s due i say :wink:

blimey i sound like a right ass-lick eh? :w00t:

+1… Also, I noticed another downside to the new testing."“She has done her Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) but to be able to ride a bigger bike, she now has to do her full test. She added: “You know, for people like me who struggle to get by in life and need a bike to get to work and stuff, it’s just going to be an uphill struggle.” Vickki says the changes to the test and the closure of so many centres has made her think twice about doing it. “It’s put me right off,” she explained. “I’m going to stick on a 125 for a couple of years.””

So, we are probably going to see an increase in people who are only going to bother doing their CBT, as they don’t want/ need to pay out all the extra money to commute on a 125cc bike/moped. In other words, even more bike’s being ridden by people with very little road sense! Great move! That’s bound to bring down the accident statistics!!! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


well here’s hoping that when i finally get myself sorted for my DAS i pass first time and before the 29th Sept. thought it was late october but must of read my facts wrong. apparently the CBT is becoming longer as well.

anyone want to donate me some cash?? hehehe