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The footy club I run are looking to hold a fundraiser at our club in May. Going to be a 5 aside tournament and family fun day.
So we need an attractive poster put together, in order to advertise on social media.
We obviously need to keep costs down, and so it may mean I have to design the poster myself.

I have a macbook at home, and could give it a go, but does anyone know of any tools or tips in order to make the best poster possible?

thanks in advance!

Sign up to an Adobe Creative Suite trial. You’ll get a week or 2 free I’d imagine.

Equally, if you do get stuck I can have a word with my guys here. I cannot do it for free but will get mates rates if all else fails.

I actually have some form of subscription to that already, as I was using Photoshop and Lightroom. Didnt realise there were other tools on there that might help. Will take a look tonight.
Otherwise, how much would you think a poster that we could use on social media would usually come up as?

If you’ve got Photoshop, then you’ve got all the tools you need :slight_smile:

Photoshop and Google Images are your friends!

YouTube is a very good place to find help with Photoshop.

Red, can you send me over some examples of the kind of thing you want so they know roughly time/effort etc.


something similar to this basically

lol you make it sound so easy!


you have caught them in a good mood! we’ll do it for free… PM your mobile I’ll give you a shout later

Done and thank you so much!

I work for a printer if you have a print ready .pdf I can get them printed on board you’d have to pay for postage or come and collect but not problem!

That would be great…I will DM you if you dont mind.

@Jay here’s one I did earlier…

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Cool, I know where to come when we need an LB graphic :slight_smile:

lol this is clearly not my work! All thanks to @The_Sleeper for his help! Amazing work!