Arrived safe and sound...

Yes lazy but instead of sending a message to each person individually…

I’m here guys, on my sunny holiday for how ever many months it ends up being.

I shall endeavour to actually make it on a ride out when I’m back for a break in my holiday… I’ll even organise it so you don’t have to Jets :wink:

Hofty, did you get your package :wink: … Waiting patiently for the comments to follow…

Hey mate yeh got me broken number board and headlight lol
maybe by the time you back i will have my bike on the road…maybe :smiley:

Don’t think I’ll ever have my tard on the road, lol…

I could of put a sticker over it for you to cover it up :wink:

Got my engine vapour blasted for free because of being on tour and bikers jersey are sending me out a KTM banner :slight_smile:

Nice to see you are back safe Asbo:)

Not sure you get it Hels - he’s out there again :ermm:

You stay safe David, & keep in touch as and when you can. Look forward to hearing from you :kiss:

Okay- well do take care and stay safe Asbo. Look forward to seeing you when you are home again.

Thanks guys