Around Town...

:slight_smile: enjoy, some of you can guess where they was taken if ya like, all taken on my camera phone W960i.


Crazy Rain



Good pictures!

Were you up at the top of Centre Point?

Cool pic’s Ratster, lets see if your trigger finger is still working come Nov/Dec :slight_smile:

2nd and 7th pic…Hosp for tropical dieases ?

4th and 5th pic’s Devonshire place ?

6th Pic Gerrard Street :smiley:

Glad your enjoying it Mate :wink:

Great pictures mate.

Nice one Ratty! Keep taking them, and send the best in to [email protected] once in a while to get them included in the Members Photo Gallery each month!

keeepp offf ttthhheee ccooofffeeee ttthhoo!!! :slight_smile:

how did you get your bike up all those flights of stairs!? youll have to come and have a cuppa at my local caff if youre at a loose end - lots of parking and good tea! :smiley:

You been spending too much time at the UCH mate and Some posh Hospital on Harley Street way.

Think the 1st one is by my old gaff on New North Road !

there taken on my phone, tho it is 3megapixel its not as good as a proper camera, might carry my small compact digi;)

haha your first two anwsers are correct!!:smiley:

thats not new north tho, think further south;)

Not the depot on corner of Bevenden / East Road ?

nope, south! as in over the river!:smiley: