Arnie says: I’m back!

From my last experience I realized I’m very liked person by British Police. I came up with the idea to open my own club.

To qualify:

  1. Need to have illegal number plate, 5x7 size or smaller, if not standard font even better.
  2. You had to be pulled at least once for your number plate and still didn’t change it.
  3. You always/usually do speeds 30+ over the limit in London, preferably Brent Cross Fly-over.
  4. If you ever been caught doing 2x speed limit or banned that’s advantage as I’m slowly coming to that point on my own.
  5. Owning Triumph Daytona 675 is also an advantage but if you hate it and don’t like it and never going to buy even better:)
  6. To wear helmet with dark visor all the time. Can only be taken off for bed.

Rules very simple. There is also voluntary £5 joing fee which goes to my tickets that I’m getting all the time :slight_smile:

Everyone who wants to join needs to send my PM with details of yourself and proof for all above. If accepted you will be issued signature like mine.

Club is just starting but we will consider buying a domain and making a website for it.

I received No. 001 being a founder and there is already member no 002. Who’s next ?

Thanks for read.



002 D675 ghost rider
003 breaker
004 frogga

damn i’ve only got a 8x6 plate and i haven’t been done yet. will a fix it ticket count when i get pulled for the race cans?

As soon as I get ticket for my can it goes on the list of the Club rules. Don’t be stupid and order fast some proper size number plate. 6x4 would look nice ! :smiley:

Any chance of becoming an honorary member if I promise to do all the qualifying requirements when I grow up. :wink: :smiley:

HOW BIG??? Blimey sunny jim, you need a 6x4 and sharpish.

what about the speeding tickets im getting in my truck do they count ? :smiley:

no only motorbike offences :smiley:

I used to belong to a club just like this back in the 90s, it went under because noone could afford to renew their membership after the fines and those that could were on foot without licenses :crazy:

They all joined ‘Hitchhikers Anonymous’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Suppose that means NO honorary members either :crying::crying::crying:

you lot are lucky…
i’ve got a crap CBR600F plate holder that cant be changed so 8x6 is the limit without looking like i have a plate on a blackboard attached to the bike

quit your moaning take a hacksaw to it and then sand down the edges:P

and guess who is founding number 002…:slight_smile:





can I be number 007 :smiley:

why number 007 ? :smiley:

OOOOHHHHH i wanna join!!:stuck_out_tongue:

god i love that girl:D.


sorry Ratty but you got some training in front of you. But no worries I will teach you how to bring police attention and how to get pulled all the time :slight_smile: speeding should be easy, your bike is enough capable :smiley:

HAHA - good to have the terminator back…

Unfortunately, I don’t meet any of the criteria…but its only been 2 months of riding for me so far!

I will consider it. May make you soem banner aswell. For now collecting regular members :slight_smile: Why is your secodn daughter taken ?:slight_smile:

yer boy! im part of the arnie club!! i ticked all the boxes and more!!’:D’