Aren't motorbikes brilliant????

It might be November but this morning the roads were relatively dry…actually hung off the bike going round some corners, had a little dice with some bloke on some unidentifable naked bike and generally had a pleasant ride in this morning.

Ain’t it great?!?! I really do pity those poor saps who squeeze themselves like cattle onto trains and have no idea that there are so many better ways to get to work.

Sure it sucks when you have some dozy **** try and knock you off or it rains so hard that even your pants get soaked and your boots squelch everytime you change gear.

But rides like this morning make it all worthwhile.


Yes they are rather wonderful aren’t they. They make a mundane journey to work almost worthwhile.

Hmmm not sure I used to love Driving to work when I was going toward the Sunny Essex Countryside… I was one of the few people going outside London, nice and arm, radio on… on my way back everyone was going outside so again no traffic:):slight_smile:

Frankly going by bike was much worse… except when it was nice and sunny outside.

Even in London, I think it takes me less time to get to work by train than by bike:)

With the bike, it’s the traffic lights that get on my nerves.
It takes me 35 mins to get to work on my Bros, from Brixton to Hackney.
I do it on my bicycle in 40 mins (stopping at all the reds :wink: so there’s no real benefit to the motorbike - it’s colder cause you’re just sitting as opposed to moving legs keeping me warm :slight_smile: The motorbike sounds nicer though :smiley:

I for one am with you as i dont do public transport would much rather be cold and wet than pickpocketed cramped made to smell someone arm pits and have to pay for the pleasure

Travel into London by motorbike and much quicker than by the train. If it was out the door and straight on the train etc it would be different but who can actually do that?

Had to go on the train today and hated it, no ride to look forward to tonight. Miserable.

i ride my bike everyday with out fail, to work aswell. It sure is great, not matter what weather and road conditions :smiley:

I ride everywhere, as it`s so much more fun than being stuck in a cage.

I have a perfectly good car that is insured and taxed, but I haven’t used it for 6 months because I can’t bring myself to drive it when I love riding my bike so much. It’s parked about half a mile from where I live (where the parking’s free), and I visit it now and again to check it’s still there. But it’s not likely to be used anytime soon :laugh: (or not by me at any rate).Anyone wanna buy a '02 Skoda Superb, only done about 45k miles, good condition? MOT expired last April, manual, not been serviced since March 07. New battery installed about 3 weeks ago. Open to offers in excess of 4k. It’s a “1.8T Comfort”.

I enjoy driving the car too but seems so slow compared to the bike. Need to get my 1968 Mini Cooper back on the road, lowered suspension etc, that’s fun. Closest thing to a bike on 4 wheels.

Since I’ve started biking I’m amazed at just how fantastic it is.

and kept parked on the public highway? be careful or it might be towed and impounded. if you only visit it irregularly the storage ‘fees’ might have built up a fair whack by the time you know about it…

I totally agree with you TC (hi everyone btw I’m new).

I bought my bike on monday for the main purpose of commuting to uni. By trains it takes me 3hours, of 5hours a day, depending on the route i take. By car/motorbike it would take 2hours a day. It’s more fun, and I’m not going to sit next to some one that stinks of curry or fish. Or getting hot in a packed tube with my head pressed against the doors and I can’t even move, and someone lets out a fart, its so cramped I cant even put my hand over my mouth to bloody try and mask the smell.


Yeah, and the stuff they found in the seats when thay analysed them is digusting. Trains are a really horrible way to travel.

I couldn’t bear driving a car to work or even worse public transport. On a bike your heart starts pumping from the moment you hit the start button till you climb off at the other end…whatever the weather. A good way to start the day, nothing like it, it’s a buzz!!!

Has to be the bike every time. I see the same faces all the time on the days i ride into work, sitting in their cars in the same traffic jam. My commute used to take me over an hour and now it takes 35-40 mins. BUT to be honest even if it took longer i reckon know i’d still ride!!! :DDon’t mind the wet or cold either, with decent gear i’m still dry and warm on the inside.