Arena cross at the O2 in Jan

Hey guys,

So Saturday the 12th of Jan is ArenaCross at the O2

I have been offered tickets for £70 each INCLUDING DRINKS - in the box we where sitting when we went to Nitro Circus.

Currently there are 20 tickets available. Its a very good deal with drinks included and is on a saturday so we can make a night of it.

Your tickets are not reserved until you have paid me for them.

PM me for more details!!

Tempting us again… :smiley:

yeah, i was not going to go as they wanted £100 in the beginning but £70 is a bit of a bargin with drinks included.

Rixxy +1
Mian +1

Any restriction on the number of drinks or what you can drink?

Each place has a fridge in it with beer and ciders in, wines and some spirits and mixers. Its a good deal, but does not included rare expensive stuff