Are ZZR100 Kawas bad sellers?

I’ve been making half-hearted efforts to sell my bike recently. Stuck it on a few sites etc. It’s in great condition and I don’t want loads of money for it…I’ve not had a single serious bite on it:)

Are these bikes “bad sellers” or what? I know they aren’t everyones cup of tea but somebody must be looking for a good one…

Has anyone used Autotrader? Was going to put it on Ebay but there seems to be mostly messers on there these days…

Any ideas how to sell it?


Probably paitence… the sort of rider that likes the ZZR is the older (they need to insure it!) person who likes touring thing, and normally they have more cash to splash and dont want the percieved hassle of an older bike, so would plump for something more modern.Ebay or autotrader will probably sell it reasonably. Put on your advert in Ebay that you have the right to withdraw cos you have it advertised elsewhere and you can pull it if you dont get enough watchers/etc, or set a reasonable reserve and ignore all the muppet emailsJust seen this one on Ebay, looks like you might ahve a bit of interest if you chucked yours on, its already got 5 bids and its at a decent price with 6 days to go

I’ve always used Gumtree to successfully sell my bikes