Are you seeing what I'm seeing?

Couple of weeks ago I went to Trafalgar Square and just took some pictures on my phone , I just looked at one in particular and something caught my eye , if you look at the water fountain you’ve got lions directly behind on either side , concentrate on the lion on the left and see if you can see what i’m seeing??? (if you can’t zoom in save the picture elsewhere)

err, no

any chance of a clue?

if its where i think your talking about… it looks like a ghost/derfomed mans face/ Goblin - dam thats scary!!!

Or is that me forming images in my head :crazy:

Devsta spot on mate I just starred at the picture and thought that look’s pretty messed up !!

You mean the life sized poster of the great pretender Jackson

it looks like theres another just to the left of the fountain, if you take a closer look, its Lady like Or someone from the 16th/17th Century (King Charles I period)

haha thats one scary shot! :ermm:

…can’t see it :Oo

I was going to say that it looks like the lion is having a drink … heh :slight_smile:

Only scary thing I can see is the man sucking the nipple of the eight-foot-tall teddy bear…


The goblin…


ok…ive cleaned up the image and its put hairs on the back of my neck…

the image software is over $3,000 worth and its produced great results…

now…i can see alittle girl standing next too the fountain…:ermm:


Bartender… I’ll have whatever they’re drinking.

Looks like a big Kermit the Frog to me!.. :smiley:

Shane you’re right, a little girl…

Looks a bit like Anne Frank

f*cking hell guys you are all funny :smiley: i thought it was going to be something serious and real, but yes when i started at the fountain i saw those images too. i saw a lion’s head, i saw a horse head then i saw a little girl. i’m pretty sure if i keep looking at it, the list of things i’m starting too see might increase.

I see a giant with a small head pointing a machine gun straight at me!

Looking at it again…from the left

Under the fountain is the witch from Snow White

In the fountain is The Ghost of Little Lord Fontelroy

Above the fountain is a bug-eyed fish


Hunchback with elephantitis

Oliver Twist wearing a top hat


Someone pissing themselves :w00t:

Willie and his bride spurting off?

Blimey and i thought i was the one who smoked regular pmsl