Are you a Registered Organ Donor?

OK, i know this isn’t the most pleasant of topics, but they have just been discussing it on the radio and i thought I’d raise the awareness to the cause.

The nation is extremely short of organ donors. This is NOT a thread for discussion of the ethics of organ donation, it is just to give you a link to the relevant website if you would like to sign up for a donor card, and maybe help others to live, after you have passed on. You never know, maybe one day you, or one of your loved ones might need this.

Here is the link if you would like to sign up

or go to

I have signed up
Sarah x

I’ve had a Donor Card for yonks, well tatty now

Does this register have to be filled in if you are a card holder?

I can’t remember where this quote comes from -

“Half of all adults in the United States say they have registered as an organ donor, although only a few have purchased a motorcycle to show that they’re really serious about it.”

We all have motorcycles, so let’s register as donors to show we are really serious about it!

I’ve got my donor card!

Isn’t “Are you a registered organ donor?” just asking for a reply like “Yes, but if my girlfriend registers where I’ve been donating it, I’m dead.”?

But seriously, yes, and blood. Both something everyone who can, should.

I’ve had a tatty old one in my wallet for ages, not sure if my tatty old organs would be of much use though !!!

Nice to see another thread on the subject - I raised it a couple of months ago. If you have a card, make sure you are on the register too and that your next of kin are aware of your wishes - as they have the final say.

I can bring some donor cards and leaflets to BM if anyone wants one.

You could hand out a donor card with every LB sticker

Thanks for reminding me! Got my blood donor card recently as it is the first time I have given blood in the UK but still need to sign up for Organ donor…

I was just reading about a guy in the blood donor magazine that they send out…who lost his leg in a bike crash and I think he needed about 3 total blood transfusions to survive!! Amazingly he can’t wait to get back onto a bike again.

There is another bloke who lost the use of both of his legs and he still rides a specially adapted bike that has wheels that pop out on both sides of the bike when it comes to a stop.

Been a blood donor for years, also got the organ donation card. Give blood regularly, and have done for years.

I’ve carried a donar card around with me since I was a kid, but registared to the website just to make sure!


Yeah bring one for me, I aint got a card, so please give me one (card that is…:whistling!

Just the card…? damn

The wife and i have been on the list for years now.

No and i dont plan to.

I use to give blood but constant tattoo’s dont help with that 1.

Wot put me off was a story a while back, bloke was dying/dies and 1 of his direct relatives needed an organ his organs could not go to his relative cos there were higher people on the list. way i see it my organs and if 1 of myrelatives (direct that is, kids, ma brother etc. uncle) need it on my passing they should have it/first choice.

Why is ricochets first post about this? i gonna search the other forums and see if posted on them. why come on a bikers site and ask this question? do they think we are a high risk category so see we should have our names down?

If was posted by a current member etc i would not ask.


We are a high risk category - cagers are more likely to walk away from serious accidents whereas bikers often don’t.

I know that m8.

I carry one, and registered plus my family know my wishes, if it’s ever needed they are spared the worry of wondering if it’s what i would have wanted… THEY KNOW