ARE YOU A BIKER OR A DONKEY ??? Ends Wed 17th March

DON’T Shoot the messenger, copied from MCN thread in our interests. :wink: ARE YOU A BIKER OR A DONKEY ???
If you aren’t a DONKEY add to this thread I DID !!!

And get any of your Buds online to tell you they did TOO! You might have to Bug them to do them a favour!!!

The Internet means we have a voice, please use it.

This is a no Brainer. It takes no more than 5mins to do.

Taxed to Death on Fuel …

Motorcycle tax to ride on our potholed, manhole cover strune speed limit crippled roads is set to increase THIS YEAR. You can sit back and do nothing or you can go to the No10 Petitions Site. Click on Size and scroll down to

stop the increases in motorcycle tax proposed for 2010

It closes next Wednesday, 17th March 2010

At the time of this post 16th there are ONLY 7,550

Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic !!!

That make us look like Donkeys, even if its been dropped to win votes, we need to say to the next Government. DO ONE!

It takes just a moment to do. Please DON’T forget to acknowledge the confirmation email to your email addy.

Please add … I Did before you shoot off.

Just signed bloody tax dear enough

i think its bad enough that we have to pay tax on tax…signed

Thats too right … we paid the bloody tax when we earned it. :crying:

I think I read somewhere once that depending on what we bought we could actually get only as little as 25p’s worth of stuff out of every quid we earned.

I wonder if the pothole epidemic qualifys us for Haiti type disaster relief ??? :w00t:


I got carried away looking at the link and wondered what other petitions were being supported.

Here’s one (on the last page):
Create a university for Bromley Alkan Chaglar Deadline to sign by 9 March 2011 1**


That would be a huge unprecedented cultural shift! :slight_smile:

One supporter so far.

PS - I think motorcycle tax rises are inevitable when car tax discs rises. It’s pretty good value at the moment.

Set the place on fire with this one…