are there any pro or semi pro race drivers on here? advice needed

ok guys, this comming sunday is my drive for Vauxhall, I was trying not to think about it until they just called to confirm I will still be there and that they want to put me in the local press.So right now I’m starting to get a little nervous and wondered is there is any pro or semi-pro drivers on here I could talk to about lines etc etc…

Let me know

Don`t forget when lining up for a bend is your breaking point.

point taken, I have been studying lines all day as well, but it is hard trying to find a decent site that gives me what I need to learn…

Get in there and Gun the Fooker…Enjoy it mate and dont let the occassion overwhelm you…Good Luck and have Fun !!

Mines on Sunday at Kings Cross at 14:15. Is this the one you’re attending?

Where in Kings Cross…???

Barro Towers will decamp and come and give ya a Cheer !!!

Its all well and good studying it but every bend on every track is different, so you breaking points and positioning is different.

Which track are you going to use.