Are there any "no bikes" roads (tunnels, etc) around London?

Where can I find out about the status on allowed / forbidden traffic on the Rotherithe, Limehouse, etc?

I’m new to commuting in London and I’ve been struggling with finding decisive info on this anywhere: I got a little lost this morning and I know I went through part of one of the tunnels (def not Blackwall/Rotherithe and not the main Limehouse link tunnel, although I may have done one junction) and once I’d got above ground and got my bearings again, I followed the route around to Billingsgate with the rest of the “forbidden traffic” since I needed the Billingsgate (Waitrose) entrance to the Wharf anyway, but I do recall people mentioning not being able to cycle through some of the tunnels around Canary Wharf and I wasn’t sure if that included bikes?

This is the closest I can find, so I think the info I’ve found in the past only related to cycles, but still figured it would be good to ask!!



Nope, no restrictions on any of those tunnels, although I’d be wary of riding through the Blackwall/Limehouse Link on anything less than a 125cc…

Except where you see the following sign:

Riding over cars is frowned upon, but sometimes you have to.


Long time no post John, how’s life treating you?

Is he not talking about a pedal cycle!

The only motorcycle restriction I have ever seen in London was the Hogarth Flyover in Chiswick which for many years was closed to bikes as it had a metal running surface but that restriction no longer applies.

Thanks guys, good info.

I know pedal cycles are banned on some (most) of those tunnels… it was specifically motorbike info I was after.

My little 125cc might be a heavy beast, but that CVT gearbox gets it up to 30mph smoothly and pretty fast on any hill or incline, 40mph respectably quickly and 50mph is okay… after that pretty much anything on the road has me for breakfast, but I only need 50mph for a few miles and the rest is 40mph and 30mph, so that’s my commute sorted… I believe 75mph is possible with a tail wind + downhill… on the flip side, I cut an almighty wedge through the air and cyclings LOVE me for that…

I’ve come across a couple of places where less than 50cc are not allowed, but a 125 should be ok anywhere. Of course if the rider still has L plates, that’s another story, as all motorways are off-limits.

This doesn’t count but it’s the first time I’ve seen this sign.
I saw it the other day at Lakeside shopping centre.
Motorcycles have their own parking place further down.