Are Rukka really that good?

Need to replace my 10yr old Hein Gerrike jacket and trousers for next winter!
are Rukka really that good?

I’m very happy with my original purchase from over ten years ago. It was replaced at 4.5 years as it was one that was affected by the poor which meant the black became purple. The replacement has now seen out 7 years. Not bad for the £320 that I original spent.

However to replace it now would be £1000 for the equivalent model.

Not sure if I would go for Rukka, I’d certainly go for laminate Gore-Tex, but I’d look around. There’s plenty of companies now making laminate gear now. Personally I would probably go Rukka or Kline.

I swear by it, if you time it right you can get some real bargains. I bought a new set of trousers down from £700 to £380 (or something like that).

My jacket is about 10 years old, having the seem fixed as I type this but that is because I got fat, not because the jacket failed!

Until the rip on the jacket I’ve been through thunder storms and been dry the other end.

I have and recommend the Frank Thomas Aqua winter jacket (and my next winter trouser purchase will be their Aqua winter trousers). Costs a fraction of the Rukka prices and keeps me warm and dry with whatever the UK climate can throw at it. I’ve ridden for 14 hours in heavy rain and the only problem being a trickle of wetter got past the collar, an easy fix I now wear a neck gaiter.

im very happy with my HG, but they have gone bust now

My other half’s Rukka jacket leaks. It is a quite a few years old but I think ultimately all jackets will eventually leak because there is only so much flexing the Gore membrane can cope with before it eventually de-laminates on the creases.

On deluge days she now wear a £50 Sports Direct rain jacket over it which works fine. Indeed it works better than the original Rukka ever did even when new because the simple lightweight over-jacket prevents the Rukka from absorbing water. Even when it was new, and still waterproof, it would become heavy with rain and take hours to dry out.

“Even when it was new, and still waterproof, it would become heavy with rain and take hours to dry out.”

That’s an important factor which I’ve not considered before, but will do in future.

14 hours? Iron butt NT?

I was very unimpressed that my Rukka GoreTex gloves were leaking. Before taking them back to the shop I tried an experiment to see were the leak might be: immersing them in a basin of water.

It turned out they aren’t leaking, they are still 100% waterproof. It’s just when they get soaked with rain the GoreTex membrane becomes cold and clammy. It’s probably also sweat, because once the membrane is wet with rain it can no longer allow moisture (sweat) to pass. The outers get soaked, the membrane gets cold, the lining gets damp and cold and the result is cold fingers.

I’m coming around to thinking the only which works in downpours (like we have every afternoon at the moment) is cheap, almost disposable, over garments shells.

Also if you used heated grips with Gore-Tex it causes the pores to open rendering them permeable to water.

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This is what I’d be looking for when I get round to replacing my Rev’it gear.
At the moment I’m supplementing the waterproof with a cheap external waterproof jacket from Decathlon, which has worked well for the past 3 years. Though I don’t commute everyday so not as much as a ball ache to carry an additional layer around.

I bought a second hand HG Goretex Pro jacket on ebay for around £120. Delighted with it.

I was thinking off shelling out the big bucks for Rukka at the time, I may have even started a thread here. I was convinced to just go on ebay and look for a used one. I’d try that, worst case scenario you want the rukka anyway and you just sell the second hand HG etc for whatever you paid

Only the first 750 miles

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Dainese Goretex is just as good. My Carvemaster jacket was 2nd hand and it’s still faultless after 3 winters of riding every day.

As I said go for the laminate Gore-tex and it should serve you well.

I have a Rukka jacket, most admit, I’m not a lover of it, maybe because it’s a bit on the big side.
Just changing my furygan jackets when I wear the textiles out for RST’s