Are Asv levers more adjustable than pazzo, Titax etc???

Are Asv levers more adjustable than the ones with the 6 adjuster settings? I put titax ones on but the clutch didn’t adjust any further than my stock Kwak levers. I know Asv use a screw adjusted system but does it offer ability to adjust closer than Titax c.


Well they can only move more than Pazzos do . I have big old meat shovels so its not an issue . I use a shorty for the brake and a full length for the clutch due to knackered left hand .I am sure its those ones with the twiddly disc that move the most .

Thats what i hope but dont want to order them and they dont adjust mnore than spazzos and the rest with the 6 stage adjustment.

There must be someone on here has em . We could do a piccy comparison .

That would be spot on!

As far out as they go 6 cm

As far in as they go 4.5 cm

Do you want them to adjust closer to the bar or further away?

I think its closer thats wanted …little small smurf hands me thinks :hehe:

It is closer. My hands are not that small but the stock position is a bit of a stretch and after long rides it starts to strain.


45-60 adjustment on my ebay ones, which isn’t a surprise since they’re the same as pazzos :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully someone has ASV’s so i can compare.


Some words from someone else …

“We had a chance to install and try out ASV C/5 levers recently on a Honda CBR954RR. The ASV C/5 levers feature a micro-reach adjuster with 1/32” adjustments and range of 1 1/2" to over 3 inches in 100 increments. This range exceeds all other levers I have seen to date."

Right so your pazzos move 1.5cm’s and the ASV’s move approx 3.75cm’s…that is some difference good find :0)


Dont buy Pazzo’s when then cheaper £30 versions are exactly the same quality.

I have an ASV clutch on my DRZ but it’s adjusted by a screw rather than a lever like my FZ6’s fake Pazzo.

Ordered som Asv’s today, hopefully collect them on Saturday :0)

do the pazzo’s change colour when you wash your bike then? :laugh:

I heard original Pazzo’s colour fade too.

Got them fitted. They are a lot more adjustable than the Titax levers and are just the trick. A lot closer to reach. Guy i bought them from said, pazzo titax etc all come from same factory…could be a lie but would not suprise me!

Original lever gripped…

ASV lever gripped…

Original lever fingers stretched…

ASV lever fingers stretched…

They look the nuts as well!


look sweeeeeeeettttttttttttttttt !!! :slight_smile: