Arai vs. Shoei

At the moment I’m considering either a Shoei XR1100 to replace my XR1000 or an Arai Chaser, because it fits so nicely.

I’m not normally an Arai fan as I find the visor removal system more of a pain than it should be, and also I keep hearing about reoccurring problems with the side pods.

Whilst this may all be user error (as Arai will say) and it may be that these helmets require more maintenance than other brands, I want to get a comparison guide of these two brands in terms of problems encountered (large or small) or complete failure.

Despite not lavishing it with attention, my Shoei XR1000 hasn’t exhibited a single problem and I used it as a courier.

So, I’m looking for a lid that will give me the same level of reliability basically.

i regret going for an arai viper gt over the new xr1100. the arai is so noisy, paint finish isnt all that good and the visor seal system sucks.

while the viper’s not a bad helmet, i should have gone for the xr1100 with the funky big opening sprung visor thing

i went to mcn to buy a lid tried the shoei 1000 in orange :wink: and loved it! fitted fine.

then went all around mcn to get the best price, in the end i found a deal and bought it.

unfortunately i saw one place i hadnt asked and they had the same lid £50 cheaper… so back i went and returned the shoei (my mate at this point was getting slightly fed up)

so i return ready to buy the shoei from this other stand and i see a beaut Chaser… tried that on… and you know what??

i ended up with another arai :w00t: my mate didnt know what to do laugh or cry!! :smiley:

point is… try both… but make sure you try the arai first! :wink:

edit: had a condor for 3 years (daily commuting) with zero probs (and i removed the visor regulary)

Buy an AGV - light, cheap and good looking. Like me! :w00t:

must.not.comment. :smiley:

ok - maybe just cheap and light-weight then. . . :hehe:

Had the Xr1000 and now switched to the Viper GT as well. Fit on the Arai is definately better for my head shape, but agree that it is noiser, visor seal with the sliding lock is a pain with gloves on and the air vents on the top are starting to lift after less than 2 months of use - seems to be double sided sticky tape keeeping them on. As for the visor mechanism, the Shoei is far easier and quicker, feeling less like it’s breaking something each time you change visors.

I was swayed by the positive talk about Arai, and the fact is seems to fit me slightly better, but if the XR1100 was out when I changed helmets I may have stuck with the Shoei. Not convinced the Viper was worth the extra cash!!

I have an Arai RX7 Corsair and a Shoei Raid II, like both of them but for fit and comfort I much prefer the Arai, although the visor removal system on the Shoei looks easier than the Arai I would say they are both the same really, the concept of how you change the visor on the Arai put me off for a bit too but really, once you get the hang of it its really easy.

Try both on and see which fits you better and is more comfy and then go from there :slight_smile:

Had the RX7 Corsair… now on a shoei XR1100. The fit of the XR1100 is more like the corsair than the XR1000 (which I had before the Arai). I used to have a gap around the skullcap with the XR1000 so it can only suggest that it was marginally larger on the inside for my headsize.

I can only say that in winter, you’ll thank the shoei for it’s better field of vision. It vents effectively enough when riding. Plus you don’t have to keep bothering Clinton with getting new sidepods if you went with the shoei! I loved my arai, but when things like sidepods keep breaking then I can only say that something is wrong because I don’t maintain it as often as I should. The new visor system on the shoei is draught free and the pinlock doesn’t obscure your peripheral vision like the used to on the old shoeis and on the arais.

I’d only go back to arai if their RX7 GP is cheap enough to get… they’re comfortable but not for a £200 premium over the XR1100.

Had an Arai for years but now keen to try XR1100…for noise mainly

Cheers for the input. Keep 'em coming.

I’ve tried on pretty much every decent lid we sell in the Hein Gericke shop and have narrowed it down to the Arai and Shoei.

Just the reliability of the Arai is putting me off.

I can put up with the visor removal system because like most things, you can get used to it, but I hate hearing about air vents coming off.

One thing I’ve learned is that you must be careful how you clean helmets. Just lightly with soapy water as other cleaning products can be too harsh for the paint work or glues used to hold on fixtures,

If you want quiet look at Schuberth or BMW System helmets.

Shoei visors are so much easier to change, it is the main thing I dislike about my Viper-GT. It is such a convoluted system, that is almost pointless, and all the business about the sidepods. If you ever lose one or it gets damaged you cannot use the helmet.

The positive side of the Viper-GT is the liner is almost completely removable except for the sections around the visor - good for hygiene. It is also (for me) a very comfortable snug fit). Despite owning a Raid II none of the other Shoei helmets fitted well either to loose or to tight.

Best thing to do is sit there for 15 minutes each with both helmets on.

X-lite for me. Saved my bonce once and for me they are the mostest. It’s all about the fit. :slight_smile:

Well I too am in the market for a new lid.

I tried on every lid in the Arai range, and none fitted well. Must be the shape of my head. (no comments please)

Of the Shoei’s (I currently have a Raid II) the XR1100 fits brilliantly. So pretty much decided.

2 questions folks:

1 = Other than Arai - Is there any REAL alternative to the XR1100?
2 = If not - What colour should I go for the XR1100 in?


1 - the schubert helmets come highly rated, bit BMW ish though :wink:
2 - i think the shoei designs suck, i’d go for a plain white one with a dark visor.

Of the two you mention mate I’d go Shoei for sure. Loved my original Quantum, but then used Shoei’s for about 8 years and never had a problem with either of the two I had. Visor changing system is still the best (I’ve tried Arai, X-Lite,Scorpion and Shark visors too) because it’s simple and clear.

I really think we’ll never truly know which is the best helmet out there, it’s too much of an imprecise art, so usability is the winner for me and that’s Shoei by a country mile. Plus Arai’s haven’t changed their shell construction for decades.

Sounds like you’re not to be swayed to other brands so I won’t bother trying!

I went from a XR1000 to a Shark RS2R , have a odd sweede so tried loads of different ones and for me the visor in the Shark increases the visibilty and the visor removal system is a piece o peas !

Still wear the Shoei as Im too lazy to switch Visors !:smiley: